Ticket Packages

Join us for six electric home games in 2024! We offer several package options, each with tickets, swag, and personal experiences with the team!

New to ultimate frisbee? Ultimate frisbee is like a cross between soccer, football, and basketball - but with a frisbee! Seven players from each team play during a point and their objective is to catch the frisbee in their end zone. The frisbee is moved around the field by players throwing to each other. These throws range from short, zippy passes to field-length hucks.

Frisbee athletes are super fast, have quick reflexes, and they're not afraid to put their bodies on the line - you'll often see players throw themselves through the air to block a frisbee or dive for a layout grab. 

Frisbee is a non-contact sport and is largely self-officiated. The men's professional league, the Ultimate Frisbee Association (UFA), does have referees, who make calls on a variety of situations including: fouls, if the play goes out of bounds, goals, and stall counts. Similar to the shot clock in basketball, players only have 7 seconds to hold the frisbee - they must throw it before 7 seconds is up. 

Ultimate frisbee is amazing to see in-person, so we hope to catch you at a home game this season!